Business Process Improvement

September 1, 2015

CFO Network has a practical, affordable, yet highly effective approach to business process improvement. First and foremost, our focus is on helping you run your business better – according to your goals. This usually means increasing efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and/or quality.

CFO Network has deep experience from over a decade of working with hundreds of businesses, rooted in our prior experience working for some of the world’s largest, most respected companies. We have a keen understanding of how world class businesses run. We have seen literally thousands of issues–what works and what doesn’t work. Each business is unique, but we take particular pride in our ability to very quickly get our arms around the core value-add functions– those functions that feed directly into the process of generating revenue and profits. Each resource must be justified in context of how it is supporting those core processes.

What is the liklihood that there’s at least one inefficiency of at least one percent somewhere in your organization? Most business owners know that there’s inefficiency and ‘slack’ in their organizations. We at CFO talk a lot about the “1% opportunities” — the idea that if you’re a $5M company, one percent of that is $50,000. Most business owners suspect that there’s muliple “1% opportunities”. If you can find and correct even one percent of inefficiency, that’s $50,000 to your bottom line. That’s probably the best investment you can make in your organization.

Our approach starts with understanding the flows of information from an input and output perspective. For example, we would evaluate each person’s job duties and evaluate what information they need to do their jobs (adding value), and what the output from their job is. Then we map it out. This allows us to quickly get a feel for what is core and what is extraneous. We are then in position to work with the business owner on some recommendations that are the most impactful.

Contact us to discuss the value of your business. We are the experts at helping you make the best decision. There’s simply too much at stake to not make the call.

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