Managing Growth

September 8, 2015

We have found that businesses tend to go through series of stages, each one marked by some type of natural barrier, usually requiring a retooling of people and processes to break through. Unfortunately most business owners don’t recognize these barriers until they have already bumped up through them and suffer heavy consequences when things come crashing down. CFO has seen this time after time and is uniquely able to help proactively identify and plan for these in our clients. An example of one such barrier is the need to shift from “managing by walking around” to “managing by the numbers”. In the beginning an owner can stay close to customers and each employee through informal communication. However, as a company continues to grow this gets more difficult. At some point without a shift a business owner maxes out and begins to lose control over the company. This usually occurs when the business gets too big for the owner to stay on top of everything like they did before. There arises the need to hire middle management and to shift more to managing based on reporting and key indicators. CFO Network provides a critical shot in the arm, helping the business owner by identifying the key metrics and developing the reporting needed for the owner to succeed at the next level of growth.

Get your PPP funding in 4 Steps

During the first round of PPP funding, CFO Network advised clients to move forward quickly in order to secure a place in line before the funding ran out. That window lasted about a week and a half with only about 5% of small businesses getting their applications...