Medical / Dental

September 10, 2015

CFO has deep experience serving as key business partners for medical and dental practices. We are HIPAA certified and understand your unique needs.

We understand your focus is and should be your practice. You are great at what you do and the most valuable resource in the business. You don’t have time to be distracted and worried about things like billing, collections, and the cost and complexity of increasing compliance issues.

You need a business team that you can trust. Who is capable of taking care of the business end of things? Who is making sure billing and collections are getting done right? Reimbursement and denials? Scrutinizing and controlling costs?

After all the costs are paid out, are you making enough money? Do think your practice has any inefficiencies, even as little as 1%?

If you have a $5M practice, that’s $50,000. Each “one percent inefficiency” is costing you $50,000 per year. CFO’s validated process specializes in finding and eliminating those one percent inefficiencies. How do we do it? First, our accounting specialists take pride in providing a solid foundation of timely, relevant and, most importantly, accurate reporting so you can have confidence in your numbers. Second, our finance specialists watch your numbers like a hawk. We analyze every expense, every variance and will be in position to identify any cost excursion.

We fine tune your numbers then find those “one percent problems”, helping you squeeze every penny to the bottom line, allowing you to get the most return on investment from your time.

As you can see, CFO delivers much more than you’d expect from a typical bookkeeper, accountant or even Chief Financial Officer. We specialize in understanding what truly drives profitability for your business. We take it upon ourselves to go find that data in whatever systems they reside. We analyze it to be in position to make recommendations that have real impact. We work with you to learn how you like to see the information, help you understand it, and the best way to act upon it.

We understand you are facing ever increasing external pressure, whether that be reimbursement rates or compliance issues.

The last thing you need to fiddle with is your accounting and finance function. You need a team that helps you run your practice better, not a source of distraction and stress. How do you hire good people you can trust, who are qualified to do the job right? If you do get the right people in place, how to you manage them so they are staying on top of things? And once you do get the right people in place, how do you keep them so that expertise doesn’t walk out the door and you have to start from scratch?

CFO takes care of finding, training and managing top accounting and finance people so you don’t have to. Imagine never having to worry about it again.

We leverage technology and good process enabling us to serve practices both near and far.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to talk to you about how to affordably get your practice to where you know it can be so you can have the freedom to do what you do best. We can help you get there.

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