Financial Analysis

September 27, 2015

CFO Network has experienced financial analysts to help you understand your numbers. We provide insight and visibility into what really drives profitability, allowing you to make faster, better and more impactful decisions.

Most business owners are accustomed to getting financial reports that show how their company performed last month, or year to date. That’s how accountants and bookkeepers have done it for hundreds of years. But this is the 21st century. A business owner needs more than visibility into the past– especially the distant past. It’s a lot like trying to drive a car down the road by looking only in the rear view mirror.

Where is your business right now? Where is your business going? These are the two other legs of the stool. You need a seamless view of your business from past to present to future. And we are talking much more than just standard financial reports. Most Fortune 500 companies have teams of financial analysts who make a living helping providing their managers visibility and insight into where their businesses are and planning and analysis to help them understand where they are going. The point isn’t to predict the future, but to take control of your future. To develop a plan, understand the requirements, align the team and to execute on it. Most business owners don’t know this is a capability that is available for them. They assume it just isn’t affordable for them.

That’s what makes CFO Network unique! We have adapted and perfected a world class business and reporting capability from some of the world’s most respected companies. We know because that’s where we came from! Our passion is to deliver world class capabilities to smaller organizations in a way that works for them and, most importantly is affordable.

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What if you had great reporting and analysis that you had confidence in, that you could act upon to make your business better? That you could use to help your team members work better? What if you had someone who was analyzing your numbers, covering all the bases for you, watching for even the smallest changes like a hawk? What if you had an expert in your business who owned the numbers and could leverage our expertise to help you reach your goals? Who could help you finally get your business to the level you know is possible. You probably haven’t thought about that because you probably didn’t think that kind of capability is affordable for you.

That is exactly why you need to talk to CFO Network. We have pioneered a team-specialist approach. Our model allows us to deliver custom, affordable solutions to businesses of all sizes and types, both near and far. We’ve grown from zero to more than 24 people in the last decade pioneering and perfecting this unique approach. It is time to expect more from your accounting– and your business. You can finally have access to the expert help you need to get your business to the next level.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to talk to you about how to affordably get your business to where you know it can be. We can help you get there.

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