Advance Your Career at CFO Network

September 29, 2015

People First: At CFO our people come first. It born of a fundamental recognition that our people are our most valuable assets and comes ingrained in how we run our business. We believe in taking care of our people—literally. CFO is proud to offer a superior array of benefits, including health, 401k, life, disability, dental and vision plans.

Great Place to Work: At CFO Network, we believe making it a “Great Place to Work” is more than just a slogan. Part of this commitment is providing a challenging work environment, but also having fun when the job is done. This includes maintaining a professional, yet informal and friendly work environment. We also take the time to have fun, whether that’s going to a ball game at Dickey Stephens Park or having spontaneous company BBQ’s on the back porch.

Work-Life Balance: CFO Network was founded on a principle that work is only one component of a happy and healthy life. We believe our long term success is based on having a full life, including family and other activities outside of work. CFO is committed to providing successful career paths that support a strong work-life balance. We are proud to provide a full array of benefits that are family friendly and to support a flexible work schedule for our employees.

Opportunity to Gain Valuable Business Experience: CFO’s business model allows us to truly partner with our clients. For many of our contract clients we work for a fixed fee, unlike others who bill on an hourly basis. This model encourages our clients to interact with us on a deeper level, providing our employees exposure to real hands-on business issues. In addition, we believe in giving our employees opportunities to shine, giving each valuable experience gaining new skills and abilities.

Commitment to Developing Our People: At CFO Network, we are committed to developing our people. We provide a customized training and development program based on each individual’s goals and abilities. Our managers are committed to meeting 1:1 with each of our employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss how they are doing according to each individual’s development plan.

Challenging, Yet Supportive Work Environment: CFO is a growth company and part of that provides the opportunity for talented people to jump in and make a real difference in the future of our company. CFO’s business model is based on efficient use of our greatest assets: our people. As such we depend on getting each person involved in a wide variety of responsibilities. Our clients are highly diverse, from large to small, from high tech to low tech, from non-profit to for-profit, from services to manufacturing, providing our employees a great deal of variety. Our work environment is team-oriented, providing a high degree of support for each other in our daily work.

CFO is a Meritocracy: At CFO we believe in providing opportunity and rewards to those who earn it. That means to individuals who consistently deliver tangible value to the client, the team and the company. We have no arbitrary rules for who gets opportunity and who does not. Period.

Part of a Company Committed to Growth and Success: CFO Network has a strong track record of growth and success and that translates to opportunities for growth and success for its employees. We believe in “promoting from within” and providing our employees with long term paths for continued challenge and rewards.

Part of a Winning Team: We have worked hard to develop a team of strong players committed to success. There’s something special when you are part of a winning team, it tends to bring out each individual’s “A-Game”. CFO is selective about the people we bring on board and is committed to maintaining a winning team for our clients.

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