Consumer / Retail

October 10, 2015

CFO Network has a decade of experience working with consumer and retail focused businesses.

It’s all about using the data to maximize margins. Cost per customer acquisition. Understanding your unit margins. Product or service line profitability. Cost control. And of course, your overhead and the bottom line margin.

Margins in the retail and consumer-facing industries can be incredibly thin. There are so many ways to lose money if you don’t have a foundation of good data. And that’s just the start. How you mine it, analyze it and make decisions based on it can make the difference between success and failure. And if you’re not doing it right then someone else will.

Do you have resources who are leveraging your data to help you understand your product or service margins? Your customer acquisition cost? Your lifetime value per customer? Are you properly tracking your product or service costs? Are you making good pricing and volume decisions?

If you don’t have these capabilities, you need to expect more. It’s like flying a jet plane at night without instrumentation: Feeling your way around, making expensive mistakes. Getting information that is poor, inconsistent or late is unacceptable.

At CFO Network, data is our friend. We have specialists on board who can not only make sure you have a solid foundation of quality accounting, but also experts who can leverage your data to help you make impactful and timely decisions to maximize your margins.

As you can see, CFO delivers much more than you’d expect from a typical bookkeeper, accountant or even Chief Financial Officer. We specialize in understanding what truly drives profitability for your business. We take it upon ourselves to go find that data in whatever systems they reside. We analyze it to be in position to make recommendations that have real impact. We work with you to learn how you like to see the information, help you understand it, and the best way to act upon it.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to talk to you about how to affordably get your business to where you know it can be. We can help you get there.

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