Customized Accounting Solutions

October 17, 2015

Have someone you already like but they just need some extra help? Keep what you like and source the rest from the best.

We are talking about bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, financial analysts and CFOs.

Detail. Big picture strategy. Accounting. Finance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who could be great in all these areas? Most business owners don’t think about it because they assume only the big companies can afford to have all of these capabilities. Wrong. That’s where CFO Network fits best. We have a deep bench of high quality specialists to bring to bear for the benefit of your company at a price you can afford, regardless of where you are located.

We have been successful developing teams of accounting and finance specialists to deliver customized solutions to companies of all types, both near and far for 10+ years. We understand you need detail-oriented people while also needing someone to help you with the big picture decisions. We understand that you need someone with an accounting brain to make sure the books are properly maintained while also having someone to look into the future and evaluate scenarios involving trade-offs. That’s a finance brain. We have detail people. We have strategic people. We have accountants and finance specialists.

The bottom line is that all business owners need some combination of all of these types. Our experience has taught us that finding one person who is great in all quadrants is rare. We solve this problem by recruiting a team of specialists. This enables us to give you the right mix of capabilities customized to meet your needs in portions that are affordable.

So you don’t have to settle for less any longer. And you don’t have to get rid of anyone. We can work with your existing staff so they can focus on what they do best while we work together to deliver a solution you never thought possible.

The reality is that you need help. Have you thought about the value of your time? Think of it like this: What if you had an extra half day every week to do nothing but focus on growing your business, getting new customers, developing new services, whatever would be the most valuable thing for your business? The value of that time is undoubtedly hundreds of dollars per hour. Now think of how much time you spend on accounting, or fiddling with your numbers.

Think about what life would be like if you didn’t have to worry about your numbers anymore? What if you never had to worry about your key accounting person leaving, or finding and training a new one?

What if you had great numbers that you had confidence in, that you could act upon to make your business better? That you could use to help your team members work better? What if you had a team of accounting and finance people who had you covered from paying your bills to making sure your books were properly closed out in a timely fashion in a predictable time after every month? What if you had someone who was analyzing your numbers, covering all the bases for you, watching for even the smallest changes like a hawk? What if you had an expert in your business who owned the numbers and could leverage his expertise to help you reach your goals? Who could help you finally get your business to the level you know is possible. You probably haven’t thought about that because you probably didn’t think that kind of capability is affordable for you.

That is exactly why you need to talk to CFO Network. We have pioneered a team-specialist approach. Our model allows us to deliver custom, affordable solutions to businesses of all sizes and types, both near and far. We’ve grown from zero to more than 24 people in the last decade pioneering and perfecting this unique approach. On that 10th year anniversary we were voted the top business consulting firm by the readers of Arkansas Business. It is time to expect more from your accounting– and your business. You can finally have access to the expert help you need to get your business to the next level.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to talk to you about how to affordably get your business to where you know it can be. We can help you get there.

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