CFO Network Expands to Northwest Arkansas

July 25, 2018

At CFO Network we have been hard at work to meet the growing business needs of companies throughout the state. We are excited to announce that starting next month we will expand and launch a dedicated Northwest Arkansas branch beginning August 1st.

The Northwest Arkansas branch, CFO NWA, will provide CFO Network’s full range of business services including financial consulting, bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services to the area.

The move will allow us to put a dedicated team in Northwest Arkansas that can adapt to the unique needs of the ever expanding market. The Northwest Arkansas division will work closely with our award winning team in Central Arkansas to provide unmatched business services.

The combination of the two will allow us to adjust and adapt to different needs in each market, and provide in person resources for both areas.

The CFO NWA division will be led by August Martin. Martin was previously a director with Walmart in their Global Business Services division and worked for the accounting firm Ernst & Young before that in addition to six years of military service.

Martin brings a strong financial background to CFO Network and will serve as a senior analyst in for the company in addition to being the lead consultant for Northwest Arkansas.

CFO NWA will hold a launch party happy hour at Bike Rack Brewing’s 8th Street market location in Bentonville on August 2nd from 5-6. If you are in the area, or have business partners who are, come out and meet August and myself.

-Allen Engstrom
CFO Network

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