Frequently Asked Questions

What is the profile of a typical company you serve?

We serve all types of companies, including non-profits, high-tech, low-tech, services, manufacturing and professional.  We are experts in becoming experts in your business by understanding the key metrics, or value drivers for your business.  We are specialists at understanding what truly drives profitability and helping our clients stay focused on those things.  The only things typical about our clients are that they are ethical and they care about their business succeeding—however they define it.

What size companies do you serve?

CFO Network serves companies from startups (zero revenues) to larger companies of $50M in annual revenues or more.  We can do most everything from pay the bills, to provide supplemental accounting support to analysis and Chief Financial Officer level services.

How do you work with companies outside of your geographical area?

We serve companies from coast to coast.  We have pioneered a paperless process that makes things very easy on our clients to get us the information and helps us maximize efficiency to keep our solution affordable.  We provide remote access for our clients’ accounting system and regularly use online collaboration tools, including video conferencing and shared desktops to work with our clients.  We have over 85 companies both near and far on this process and it works quite well.

Can I afford CFO Network?

Yes!  We were built from the ground up to serve small business, which means we have to be affordable.  Our costs are typically lower than the cost of hiring internal people.  We have pioneered a unique team-specialist approach that makes our productivity far greater than that of a typical internal employee.  This allows us to deliver superior value at a cost that is affordable.  But that’s just the beginning.  When we combine a foundation of great accounting with world class analysis the results can have a dramatic improvement to the bottom line.  Our goal is to more than pay for ourselves with improved cash flow.

How do you charge for your services?

We offer both hourly and fixed price billing. Hourly work is typically for project-type work. The majority of our revenues come from fixed price billing where we define the scope of work and success metrics on the front end, estimate the time required, and translate that into a low monthly price. Just like a virtual employee.

What if I want to keep my existing bookkeeper but just need some extra help?

No problem!  CFO Network has the ability to design a custom solution to help you get the most out of your existing personnel and draw from our deep bench of specialists to provide a complete solution at an affordable price.

Are you a CPA firm? Do you do taxes or audits?

No.  We have chosen to NOT be a CPA firm specifically because we are laser focused on internal accounting.  We like to work with your existing tax expert.  We can offer consistent weekly and monthly service levels.  We are never distracted by tax season, audit seasons, or any other season. 

Is CFO Network a Recruiting Firm?

No.  We have a team of full time employees who each work on a portfolio of different companies from our office.  For each client, we develop a customized scope of work and draw from our team of accounting and finance specialists to provide that solution in a way that is more effective than the alternative of hiring internal people