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What We Do


CFO Network is a better alternative to hiring your own internal accounting, finance and bookkeeping people.


Our Company

Our company consists of teams of finance and accounting professionals at all levels who are passionate about the businesses of our clients.


Our Employees

Our employees form teams of professionals capable of providing services normally associated with Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Financial Analysts, Accountants and Accounting Specialists.  CFO brings a portfolio of companies together and “timeshares” the team out to each company according to its need. 


Our Business Model

Our business model is based on the reality that a typical small or medium business has a need for some fraction of each of these resources but of course cannot afford to hire one of each. CFO has pioneered an approach that provides a total solution, complete with a team of specialists armed with world class business processes and tools for a price that is affordable to small and medium sized businesses.


CFO delivers results that you may not think are possible.

Dare to dream about having timely, relevant and accurate information focused on how you make decisions. Imagine having a truly integrated view of your business focusing on the goals and potential that you define. Imagine having a world-class strategic and analytical business partner singularly focused on getting the most out of your business.


Control Costs

 Accounting Cleanup

Better Visibility

Worry-Free Accounting

Customized Accounting

Business Valuations

Business Growth


Control Costs

 Accounting Cleanup

Better Visibility

Worry-Free Accounting

Customized Accounting

Business Valuations

Business Growth


Retail | Consumer



Medical | Dental

Business to Business


What Our Clients Are Saying

“We are extraordinarily happy with CFO Network. Thanks to them my financial reporting has clarity and transparency. I chose CFO Network based on their expertise and reputation for excellence in their field and as a result, I have the utmost confidence in my financial information. As a business owner, I can focus on growing my company and not worry about the competency of my financial department.”

Brian Mears
Founder, President, CEO – Alleviant 

We made promises to the community to look at everything… reimagine everything – from a new perspective. CFO Network worked closely with us and told us the truth… even when we didn’t like it! They helped us look critically at the big picture and the small details at the same time and helped us put in place a system to prepare budgets and forecasts more reliably. CFO Network helped us keep our promises!

Ruth Shepherd
Arkansas Repertory Theatre

My non-profit organization has worked with Allen and his experienced team of professionals for eight years.  CFO Network offers many personalized services to meet your financial needs.  We recently worked with Allen and his team to create a custom built financial dashboard.  This amazing tool has simplified our board meetings allowing us to assess our results and maximize our outcomes. I highly recommend CFO Network to anyone including non-profits, they are efficient, knowledgeable and personable.

Tonya Villines
President and CEO of Junior Achievement of Arkansas

“CFO Network allows us to focus our time and energies on taking care of our patients! We value CFO Network because we value our employees. They deserve to always be paid accurately and on time. The team at CFO are experts in their field and we know that our payroll will be done right. I no longer worry about compliance issues. They really know what they are doing!”

Kendall Jones
Director of Brand Development – Small Bites 

CFO Network Welcomes New Finance Principal, Christopher Berry, Former Sr. Finance Manager of Tyson

Christopher Berry, finance leader with entrepreneurial leanings and relationship building skills, relocates to Arkansas with Tyson Foods, falls in love with the Natural State, and joins CFO Network’s dynamic team of professionals as a Finance Principal. A recent...

Recession Tip: The Value of Speed and Clarity – And Knowing When to Sacrifice One for the Other

In all my years of working with small business owners (as well as owning and running one myself) I have learned a few things. One is the value of seeking clarity. Clarity can help in making good decisions. This starts with the reality that a business owner faces...

Get your PPP funding in 4 Steps

During the first round of PPP funding, CFO Network advised clients to move forward quickly in order to secure a place in line before the funding ran out. That window lasted about a week and a half with only about 5% of small businesses getting their applications...

’Roll Up Your Sleeves’ – A CFO’s Commentary on the Pandemic

We are in the storm and heroes are being made by the minute. They are the brave men and women who are taking care of the sick and keeping us safe. But there are also lesser known heroes at work. They are the small-business owners up at 2 a.m. trying to figure out...

Recession Readiness

As of this writing, most economists are indicating that a recession is coming, but no one knows how bad it may be and how long it may last. I once met the captain of one of the largest crude oil tanker ships in the world. He told me these ships are so massive that...

New Year, New You

The New Year is here and we’re hoping it’s a year of perfect clarity for business leaders and CFOs nationwide. I wanted to take a moment to offer a resolution to our readers: the new decade is the perfect reason to get your accounting cleaned up, lined out, and...

Business Accounting – A Tragedy

Business owners are a special group. There’s no shortage of problems for the CEO. One of the biggest and most tragic situations I have seen too many times to count over the last 20 years working with CEOs involves getting lured into a “software trap” where a company...

Implementing Modern Reporting Tools – A Key to Profitability

I use the term Instrumentation in my blog frequently to mean collecting, recording, measuring, and planning with relevant data in tailored analytic reports. In laymen’s terms, instrumentation is a powerful resource for business leaders to use in making decisions about...

Expect More from Your Accounting

Sometimes well-meaning accountants can make things too complicated, whether they use archaic methods or focus on ineffective data. Excess complexities such as these can be debilitating to a business, leading to unusable financial reports sent to management, and delays in getting information needed to run the organization. Over-complexity can also translate to excess spending on accounting services, which further cripples your company. Here are a few things business owners can do to combat accounting fatigue.

Dear Business Owner: Running a Business is HARD!

I understand the pressures of running a business and am in the trenches everyday with clients who run theirs. I’ve come to realize that it makes little difference whether your business is in its infancy, or you’re captaining a 3-generation mammoth from the early 20th...